Friday, August 1, 2008


on my little boy.

Here is the back story; I was rummaging through memorabilia this week with Garrett and we found pieces of his Scooby Doo center piece from his birthday party in December. He thought they were very cool and wanted to put them together. I was not compliant with his request and he was content lining up and playing with his Scooby pieces.

Must have been the next day or so Mitch stayed home with Garrett to determine if he was having round two of stomach problems from earlier this month. He was also trying to catch a sample so the lab could test it for crypto, a parasite that is affecting the Dallas area this summer. If you read the article, one of the spray parks shut down is the one I took Garrett to earlier this month.

Last night we were all hanging out in the playroom and I glanced over and saw this.

I asked Garrett what it was and my guys filled me in.

While Daddy was working, Garrett decided to make some art - all by himself!! In other words, no Mommy help or influence. He had in fact NOT forgotten about his request to put his Scooby pieces together.

For about an hour, Garrett diligently pieced his Scooby pieces together with stickers that Mrs. Tolbert our across the street neighbor had given him. Look at his careful placement!! I'm pretty impressed since he's only 3.5 :) These were completely separate pieces before.

After he adhered them together he decided to flip it over and decorate the other side. Look at all those stickers!!

I was full of such pride when I saw this last night. Personally I think this is so impressive. This one little act tells me so much about my son. He has vision, determination,independence, a creative spirit, self confidence and ingenuity. I really hope that what I've read is true and that a person's personality is developed my the age of 3. If so, what a cool guy.

It is so fulfilling as a parent to know that maybe just maybe some of the fruits of our labor are reaping rewards. Do you remember what my six word autobiography is?

Trying to Raise a Good Man.



Carrie said...

Oh hope the little guy feels better & it's just something flu-ish. Cool on the sticker project! Impressive!

lacey said...

how cool! :)

lacey said...

oh, and i hope he feels better!! :(

Lee said...

Good for him.

Good for you!

Deanna said...

Hope his tummy feels better soon. How fun that he did the project all alone and at his own initiative. How fun for him and cool for you!