Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbooking Day (NSD)

I know....most of you didn't know it existed :) But guess what - today is the day. They have some very cool things going on over at Simple Scrapbooks and Big Picture Scrapbooking. You should go check them out!

I have chosen to celebrate by reeking havoc upon my household. Almost a month ago, I mentioned to Mitch that I would love to move into the sunroom aka I want to have my own space and that is the one that's not claimed. I loved his response "I'll build you a room over the garage before you move into the sunroom." Before you judge take a look. That is all my scrapping stuff dumped in a spot. Would you want that out in the open in the hub of the house? I think not.

He then followed up later that day with "What about you moving into the office?" I'm sorry, did I hear you correctly? You are giving up your domain without any hinting from me? I would have never dreamed of asking because quite frankly its been his since we moved in almost 2 years ago (Yes, we've been back in Texas practically two years now!)

What you see is the result of my very generous husband's offer. I have begun the move!! I'm really keeping my fingers crossed to wrap it up quickly, like tonight so we can have order again. Honestly, the mess above is not contained to that room. The living room is housing all the stuff that WAS in those very large bookshelves before. I must find new homes for all the outcasts that are not worthy of residing in Monica's room..... OK WOW I have my very own room now!!! Since my theme on the blog is taking off the mask please know that I am not above pushing my displaced goods on unsuspecting souls who are close enough to get a random drop off on a Saturday afternoon.

So, Garrett is napping. I must be quick because I'm sure his supertoddler radar will alert him that I'm trying to accomplish something and wake him up.

While I allude to superhero abilities we have entered a new era - an entourage of Spiderman, Spiderman in a black suit, Batman and Superman. Before the heartbreak, here is a cute picture.

Now to the heartbreak. Someone took Superman. After we attended a Cookie Baking Birthday Party this morning which of course we were 1/2 an hour late to because I had it in my head it was at 10:30 not 10:00 AM and consequently were not on time, we went to the Galleria to play at the animals (play area with the theme of jungle, not very original in nick naming in this household).

I was smart enough to take our entourage out of the stroller and into the bag while he was playing. But when we went to The Children's Place to buy my little man bigger clothes, yeah he's growing, he requested them to play. I honestly try to do a very good job of keeping up with the four guys and take them from him when he's lost interest and did so in the store. When we left Garrett requested his pals and I counted, yes four superhero's.

Then we went to Slappy's Puppet Playhouse and I was more concerned with watching him because he just runs from one cool thing to another than our buddies. I hate to say that at times I left the stroller since I had my bag with me to follow Garrett. When we got ready to leave I went to give him his entourage and in my counting saw that Superman was missing. I do believe he went home with another child who were everywhere today because there were like 3 birthday parties.

Here's more heartbreak - In the car Garrett said "I'm sorry I left my superhero's in the stroller." My poor angel somehow thought this was his fault. If anyone wears the weight it is me and the other parent of unknown child. I should have put them in the bag and who doesn't notice there child has acquired a new toy???? Mommy said "I'm sorry that Mommy didn't keep him safe and couldn't find him."

I quickly assured him we would get another Superman. Because I was so bummed I had to call Mitch who had just left the animals a bit earlier to tell him Superman had been taken. I'm sure that's the call a golfer wants to get as they are trying to tee off!

My rambling is a sign Garrett is being SUCH a good napper today which we don't always get, YIPPEE.

A couple of cool things to share. First this book is interesting; meaning some funny some strange some disheartening some sad but the concept amazing. If you only had six words to write your memoir today what would they be? To give you a peak into my mind my "gut" one was Trying to Raise a Good Man. Take a peak at the promo and please share yours in the comments section. I would love see where you are today.

Second and more importanly you need to watch this.

Thanks Heather for sharing this with us last night I can't get it out of my heart.

My angel is up and we are off to the toystore.


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That video has really stuck with me also. Man, it was amazing!!