Tuesday, April 29, 2008


is a necessity in this world. This evening I am grateful for:

1. My precious son sitting next to me with his computer because he has alot of work to do. He just informed me he is writing a message to his friends.

2. My gracious husband who ate our pretty much burned dinner without making me feel bad. For some reason Pizza in our oven continues to allude me.

3. Being able to catch my very dear friend Diane, who is fabulous, on the phone this afternoon. She is just one of the many fantastic people that entered my life during our time in Kentucky and I simply adore her.

4. The very diligent Kiwi Carpet Cleaner employee who spent a fair amount of time late this afternoon taking my stains very personal.

5. For the very comfy shorts I got at Target this weekend that allowed me to eat my Fruit Tart from Central Market without binding :)

Really my list could go on tonight because I've had a very happy day. But its time to put the little monster to bed.

Speaking of this picture just makes me happy. Here is Garrett all ready for his Earth Day Picnic at school last Friday.


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