Monday, April 28, 2008

Past Bedtime

Last night I stayed up way past my bedtime to complete the below layout for submission to a call for layouts using a transparency in a fresh and simple way for publication in Simple Scrapbooks September/October Issue. I posted it finally at 1AM this morning.

It is my (no longer) secret desire to someday in my lifetime have a layout of mine published in Simple Scrapbooks. Do I honestly think this will happen anytime soon? No.

But as a very wise friend told me this afternoon I have to first submit in order to someday be published. Yes, yes indeed. Funny thing is, for today, just knowing that an editorial staff is looking at it in a reader gallery is enough for me.

The links below the pictures take you to the Simple Scrapbooks Gallery which has all the scrappy details for those interested.

Pure Love Title CloseUp

Pure Love Journaling CloseUp

I have to say, before the Library of Memories Class I would have NEVER taken a challenge to use a new to me product and post it to a reader gallery much less submit it for consideration for publication. The classes over at Big Picture Scrapbooking are just that BIG! The community in the classroom is amazing and Stacy Julian is extremely motivating to not only tell your family's story but appreciate the life around you.

I'm just so pleased with what I accomplished. I kept it simple, I focused on my story, I connected a picture and story 3 years apart in my timeline and most importantly, I used a very special picture that I normally wouldn't consider "scrapbook worthy". Having the gumption to post it in a reader gallery was only the cherry on the top.

For those who absolutely do not understand my passion for scrapbooking Stacy explained it so well in an interview at ScrapInStyle. She said "Scrapbooking is about valuing your life and your own perspective enough to write it down."

With that, I must get some sleep.



stacyj said...

This is an absolutely beautiful layout -- the photo and the story and the colors and the very cool use of a transparency. Nice Job!

and thanks for the email link that gave me a chance to come peek.

I'm so glad you are in class this year!

Lacey said...

hi there! love the LO! come by my blog -you've been tagged! :)