Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Turning Back the Clock {EDITED}

Here is my layout for Stacy's Challenge #4 which was to scraplift a layout from the July/August Issue of Simple Scrapbooks. I was inspired by Celeste Smith's layout Crazy Legs on page 30.

The other day I came across a very old picture of me and was taken back at what I looked like when Mitch and I met. When going through the magazine for this challenge the picture immediately came to mind.

The journaling reads "This is the woman my husband met & the person who introduced us. Looking at this more than eight years later really creates perspective. I can now see me as others did. What a cool girl! Know the trick is to see her in the present and not only by" which leads into the title of "Turning Back The Clock"

So, here is the crazy thing. I meant to write Now instead of Know but I'm trying evolve and embrace imperfection so I'm going to leave it like it is. Goodness this is hard for me but I'm growing :)

EDITED: I couldn't let it go, not just the fact that I used the wrong word but the journaling just didn't sit well with me while I slept. So, now it reads "I had no idea that in a few months she would introduce me to my husband. He saw an intern, a runner, a 20 something, a great smile, a bold haircut & now 8 years later I see that too." 7-17-08

What a difference words make - now that captures what I feel when I see this picture. Redoing this wasn't about perfection but about telling my story.



lacey said...

isn't that crazy? i'm all about perfection-which does drive me batty! Sometimes, i'll let it sit for awhile and then i go back and change it until i like it. Wonder why i can't be like that in other parts of my life? LOL Pretty cool seeing things about the blast from the past :)

scrappypug said...

love the layouts!