Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exercise Ball Evolution

Because I'm sure Carrie wasn't the only one wondering why I'm sitting on an exercise ball I thought I'ld post my crazy thought process and disclaim I in no way know what I'm talking about.

When Garrett was an infant we heard a tip to calm a colicky baby was to bounce on an exercise ball. For us, it actually worked. That was the first time the ball entered our home; we even had a large one for Mitch and a small one for me. Yes, Garrett was that frequently in a mood during the witching hour that we took turns. In that experience I figured out it was actually kinda hard to a) stabilize and b) bounce for long periods of time. When we left KY I think one had busted and we left the other behind with a friend.

Flashforward to today. Mitch has a lost a respectable amount of weight by following this book that has core exercises which some of involve the exercise ball. So, I went to Target and bought a kit that had the ball and video. It sat in the box for months. Mitch teased me so I finally pumped up the ball and that sat in our guest room for months.

So, this weekend I thought, let's move it to the craft room and I'm going to force myself to balance when I otherwise would be completely inactive. I will say, the first time I had a hard time balancing but last night I progressed to doing some "rolls" while sitting.

Basically, I sit kinda on the edge and my legs are kinda spread about shoulder width apart and they are bent at a 90 degree angle. So, because I am soooooo out of shape I'm feeling it in 1) my back because I'm sitting up straight 2) my middle because I'm trying to balance 3) my top part of thigh because I'm at a 90 degree angle.

Like I said I have absolutely no basis for my thinking that I'm doing something but I figure it must be better than sitting hunched over with my legs crisscrossed. Oh- I tried to hunch yesterday and that is when I almost fell off :)


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Lee said...

LOVE sitting on my exercise ball! Takes some getting used to, but I'm sure under all this flab are abs of steel :)