Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

Beginning: 170.1
Total Gain/(Loss): (2.1)

Biggest Changes: I was home most of the week with a sick Garrett and just like last week I had more temptation since I didn't make all my food choices at the beginning of the day and pack them to go.

Here's what went well: I'm still posting even though I gained. Ahhhh accountability.... Also, I pushed my chair out of the way in my craft room and the last few days I've sat on an exercise ball while crafting.

Area for improvement: When at home I don't limit my diet sodas. I don't think they are bad but then I really don't drink the water I should. OK- one soda a day, not just one soda at work.

While at home, when I want a snack I go for a handful of some sort of cracker instead of fruit or vegetables most of the time. I need to be more aware of my snacking at home. So, I need to focus, seriously, on the basics. More water, more fruit and more salad.

There was absolutely no activity this week. Why is this so hard for me? I really need to be active at least 3 days in this 7 day period.

Also, we had a lot of carby meals last week but Mitch adjusted our menu for this week.

Confessional: I've made several bad choices this last week.

There were french fries instead of fruit at Chick Fil A, a piece of cake at work, and the most damaging Freebirds, a burrito with lots of yummy bad for me's, last night. Really, a burrito before weigh in??? And yes, that was all me. I could have decided to pick up Chick Fil A for dinner. Yesterday I weighed in just a few ounces heavier than last week. Why did I eat a dinner that was going to stay with me until well into morning!!!!

There are no excuses here, I made bad choices this week and a gain is the result.

See you next week with the monthly picture and if that doesn't get me into gear this week there may not be hope!!



Anonymous said...

Hang in there. You are thinking more about your choices and that can only lead to better results. I like the exercise ball idea, may have to copy that one. And hey, chasing Garrett is exercise that can be fun!!!
Lisa P

Carrie said...

What does sitting on the ball do? Not being smarty pants - I have one & never heard of this. I just dusted off my WW journal after reading that writing what you eat helps you lose more. And like Lisa said - hang in there! :)