Thursday, July 17, 2008


Garrett & Daddy Hanging Out

Garrett: Do you paint at work?

Daddy: No

Garrett: Do you color at work?

Daddy: No

Garrett: Well, what do you do at work. Well, when you're done coloring the paper I gave you put it in the cubby.

Garrett & Mommy After School

Garrett: I'm just a little bit nervous.

Mommy: Why?

Garrett: Because I had a rough day.

Garrett & Mommy After School

Putting laundry away after a day of work I was trying to find a radio station and Garrett was chatting with me so I wasn't able to hear.

Mommy: Shhhhh

Garrett: Why did you say that to me?

Mommy: Sometimes Mommy likes quiet

Garrett: Well, then why did you turn on the radio?

Mommy laughs hysterically

Garrett: Why are you laughing?

Thanks to my little notepad I've captured these conversations and many others over the last few weeks that give a peek into the stages in life we are at.



Missy said...

Those are so funny! Our kiddos are smarter than we think :)

ScrappingMomof3 said...

Love your slice of life quotes! Those will be great on some future scrapbook pages!

muirwoodsue said...

Wonderful quotes. I wish I had done that when mine were little. Love the idea about the excercise ball. I might try and find mine and use that to work on my core muscles (since I have NONE) I struggle with my weight now that I am 50. UGH. Plus I hate to excercise. Of course my hubby has gained maybe 1 pound since I met him 22 years ago. Thanks for sharing!
Sue from BPS

Noreen Smith said...

hey Monica...fellow classmate "noreensmith" here from BPS Have More Fun! I was looking at your BPS gallery and connected to your blog. I love all your work! I see that you have quite a few projects in your BPS must have taken more BPS classes? Did you take LOM? If so, how was it? I would like to take it next time it is offered. I see you mentioned Stampin Up...are you a SU demonstrator? I am a CM consultant. Anyway, I enjoy looking at your stuff, and these conversations you recorded are very sweet...I need to start jotting things down too and not just trusting my memory! My blog is at

Noreen Smith said...

Hi again...just looking through your blog some more and I saw a link to MY blog! How cool! I am fairly new to this online community of scrappers, so it is a bit of a thrill to start to get "linked up"! Thanks! See you in the gallery!