Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Caped Crusader Outfitted

Familiar sounds around our house these days have one thing in common - they are of the superhero variety. Until recently, the only "costume" Garrett had was running around in his underwear as Tarzan.

Therefore, I was extremely surprised to find Garrett had stripped himself down first thing in the morning so that he could put on his Spiderman costume and take a walk. It didn't take too long to realize he must have been dreaming and gently remind him that he didn't have a Spiderman costume.

Since that morning, getting him some superhero gear has been high on my list of to do's. I'm glad to say I've fulfilled my job as a Mother of a boy in love with superhero's and he is now properly outfitted with a variety of superhero PJ's.

We found the PJ's at ToysRUs and couldn't wait to see Garrett's reaction. When he came home from school that afternoon he was beyond excited at his new nightime wardrobe. He brought us so much joy watching him anxiously try on each set.

The next morning Garrett said "Mom, I really love my superhero PJ's!"

I would agree.

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Missy said...

Those are some really cute pj's!! I can't believe it's not Scooby... :)