Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Caped Crusader Strikes Again

Last night we had an evening playdate with Garrett's good school/neighborhood friend at the Galleria play area.

This was such a great idea. It was much calmer than a Saturday morning and we were actually able to sit and watch the boys. I know, lazy parent, but after a day of work it was nice to let the boys tire themselves out and have adult conversation even though it was child related.

I believe it was during round two of the play area, after dinner in the food court, that Garrett's friend cries out to his Mom "He pushed me!"

Now, I know I really need to believe the best of my son and I'm sorry to admit that I assumed he was doing the pushing.

I begin to tell my son not to push and that's when in tandem my friend tells her son that the little boy didn't mean to push. This is when I see Garrett's friend frozen in "pushed down" stance and my son standing tall with his arm extended towards accused little boy to protect his friend from further harm.

Mitch and I just look at each other and he says "The caped crusader strikes again!"

I was extremely relieved that my son was just blocking and not pushing. Ironically, during round one of the play area we had just relayed the first caped crusader episode to our friend.

Man I love this kid.

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