Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My immune system stinks

It feels just like yesterday that I was home sick with Strep and yet here I lay on the couch with Bronchitis.

It appears that my allergies, yes allergies, keep turning into something more. I'm just bracing myself for pneumonia next. Of course, Garrett is sick as well so yesterday we both went to the doctors for a joint appointment. Luckily Garrett just has allergies this time.

I have diligently laid on the couch all day because I am utterly annoyed that I've used all my PTO this year on sick days and really want to get back to training tomorrow. However, I seriously question whether or not I should rejoin the public based on my outings this morning.

First, I had to drop off the car for service and was coughing so bad the little lady behind the desk gave me cough drops. Because I'm moving slow Garrett was late for car pool lane and I went in to drop him off; I was greeted at the door with a "you go home and get some rest". Then, I needed to go to the grocery to get honey and lemon for my cough and in the self check out lane the nice lady decided to check me out anyway because I looked like I "needed to get under the covers and sweat it out". Lastly I stopped at the dry cleaners because I'm still holding out hope I get to leave the house tomorrow and was told "You don't look very good". All these well intentioned individuals were very sweet to show concern but they only reminded me that I have bronchitis!

Thanks for coming to my pity party :) I'ld post a picture of me but I'll spare you.



Anonymous said...

Hope you feel fabulous soon!!!!
Lisa P

The Bethancourts said...

I hope you feel better soon, mon. It's no fun being sickie....especially with a little one in tow!