Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I was tagged twice by my fellow LOM classmate Lacey last week. So much fun!

First Tag

We've just relocated all of our books to the living room so technically I have lots to choose from but I'll pick from my work bag since they are not a permanent fixture in the living room.

So, I can choose from the 2007-2008 Edition of International Income Taxation Code and Regulations Selected Sections OR FLOW The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I received a new edition of the Code this week at training. WOOHOO!!! There is absolutely no sarcasm in that, yes, I am a tax nerd in my pays the bills life. I bought FLOW over the weekend at Half Price Books which we originally visited to sell books. It was listed under information and inspiration in The Big Picture by Stacy Julian.

Technically I was reading both today; to be honest, I was absolutely enjoying flagging and making notes in the code when instructors would reference a statute or regulation during training. I have a thing for office supplies and love order!! However, I was also reading FLOW during my lunch break. I'm guessing most of you readers do not want me quoting the Code so I'll go with FLOW.

Page 25:

But even many of these claims do not hold up under investigation, and the ones that do can be explained in terms of the extremely specialized training of a normal mind. After all, mystical explanations are not necessary to account for the performance of a great violinist, or a great athlete, even though most of us could not even begin to approach their powers. The yogi, similarly, is a virtuoso of the control of consciousness. Like all virtuoso, he must spend many years learning, and he must keep constantly in training. Being a specialist, he cannot afford the time or the mental energy to do anything other than fine-tune his skill at manipulating inner experiences.

Page 100:

Here is of


1. Pick up the nearest book of 125 pages or more (no cheating!)
2. State the title and author of the Book
3. Find Page 25
4. Type in the first five sentences.
5. Find page 100 and type in the first, second and fifth word on the page.
6. Post the meme to your blog.
7. Tag 5 people. Have fun! :o)

Since I'm fairly new to blogging I am just going to put it out there I only know in "real life", as in we've actually been face to face, two bloggers who have public blogs - Missy and Lori so you are tagged. Which leaves me three more people to tag. I'm not exactly sure of tagging etiquette regarding those that do not know you in "real life" so I sincerely apologize if this is rude in cyberworld but since I read their blogs daily and therefore I feel like I share space with following ladies: Stacy who you guys hear a ton about due to LOM, Cathy a graphic design genius & Elisha whose pictures I adore. I am justifying listing you ladies due to very loose cyberworld connections:

  • Stacy has visited here before
  • I've corresponded via email with Elisha regarding Photoshop
  • I own both of volume 1 and volume 2 of Cathy's book and do plan on taking her class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking
Anyway, all five wonderful ladies are tagged not once but twice.

Second Tag

1. Last music you listened to - I am one of the few people left that does not own an ipod so I listen to the radio and the song I'm intrigued with is Better as a Memory by Kenny Chesney because of the line "my only friends are pirates, it's just who i am". It reminds of my very own pirate Garrett who frequently wears a patch, carries a sword and says ARGHHH.

2. Last thing you watched on TV - All last week while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Garrett saw commercials for a Tarzan marathon running on Disney last Friday. Mind you he has never seen Tarzan before but being the animal lover that he is he kept telling me he had to watch that show. What else was I too do but set the TIVO. As a result, we have been watching Tarzan all week. He thinks its so cool Tarzan is in Africa. I think its so cool he knows about Africa! Thank you Montessori School!!

3. Last movie seen - Mitch and I decided that Garrett was ready for his very first trip to the movie theatre and we took him to see Horton Hears a Who on opening weekend. Ironically, our good friends also took their son, Garrett's friend, to see the same movie on the same weekend for his first movie! Here is Garrett's friend at an unrelated time.

4. Last book you read - This one is tricky. The last book I finished was Photo Freedom but does that count since I read it as a textbook to LOM? If not, I am at page 430 of 500 in Eleanor Roosevelt Volume 1 1884-1933 which I love. I've always identified with her quotes my favorite is "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" so I wanted to learn more about her.

5. Last person you spoke to - my husband, Mitch, who is swinging a golf club in our living room.
6. Last thing you ate - Moo Goo Gui Pan, Fried Rice and Won Ton Soup

7. Last time you laughed - Tonight Garrett decided that ALL his animals were going to sleep with him in his twin bed. He told me that all his "children" had to be snuggled and he kissed them goodnight.

8. Last place you visited - an actual vacation: We took Garrett to Sea World last October for the first time. He called it the special zoo.

9. Last web site you visited - BPS Big surprise :)

10. Last thing you crafted/created - I am working on my Photo Album Scrapbook of our 2003 trip to Shanghai. It should be done by now but I keep having to put it down and pick it up.


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