Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Teaching Moments

Yesterday Garrett and I were watching Superman (yes, he is actually watching something other than Scooby) and a commercial came on for AquaGlobes and Garrett says "Mommy, can we afford that?" I just about fell off the sofa for two reasons. One, my son and I were both intrigued by this product. Two, he listens to me and is digesting!

Before anyone worries about our financial position, let me explain. Mitch, Garrett and I all have a monthly allowance. For a few months, I did not do a good job of keeping Garrett within his. Our shopping conversations would go something like this:

Garrett: Mommy, can we take this home?
Mommy: Sure but not all of them, only two.

This would repeat frequently regardless of the price of the item and before I knew it Garrett would spend his allowance in a weekend.

So, lately our conversations have gone something like this:
Garrett: Mommy, can we take this home?
Mommy: mmmm its too expensive, we can't afford it. How about this? It's cheaper.

I am truly fighting my inclination to give my son anything he wants and my own shopping tendacies so that I can teach Garrett not only about his financial boundaries but also that we don't always get what we want. This is certainly a joint effort but let's be honest, I am the shopper and when Garrett's with me, these teaching moments are abundant.

I was just tickled yesterday when he asked me not if we could buy it but if we could afford it. I am actually having an impact! And that is absolutely worth the strange looks I get in the store when I tell Garrett we can't afford something! HA HA



Christi said...

Hey - we were thinking of getting some of those aquaglobes for my mom for her birthday!! They do look interesting...

That is really neat how you guys have allowances. I really need to do something like that. It's so easy to just spend spend spend without even thinking. (I really should have had one for Isabella's first birthday - haha!!) :-)

Anonymous said...

Kayla has an allowance; I just have to stop giving her credit to pay me back for stuff!! She is learning the value of money, but the "wait until you have it" part is not getting through. Bad Mom!! I am just having a hard time after watching her save for an American Girl doll and actually getting it with money she earned. Now it's the little things that I have a hard time making her wait for...

Donna said...

Monica. This is great! I am in awe. Not only creative, but can work a ten-key too.

I love your pictures. You are really talented.

Come by for lunch soon.