Friday, April 11, 2008

"I Wished I'ld Loved You"

....these were the words spoken by Garrett last night at bedtime. He followed that with I wished I'ld loved my family.

Oh how my heart melted. Those words one adult to another would not seem appropriate, an implication of love that should be there but wasn't. However, spoken by a 3 year old practicing the English language there is nothing but love implied. Garrett's thoughts are becoming more his own and he has begun the practice of expressing his feelings. Those words meant to this mother, I was wishing and I wished to always love you and my family.

Last night I took some Mommy time away from Garrett and had dinner with the Mom's group in the neigborhood. When I got home, I finally realized that Mitch was mouthing to me "Tell him his hair looks good". You see, while I was gone Garrett spent 20 minutes brushing his hair because "Mommy's coming home and I need to look good for Mommy." When I praised him on how nice his hair looked, he just beamed. I am so blessed to be so loved by this little boy.

Here is a shot from this morning. Our normal every day crazy hair which we have to spray and comb with much resistance from Garrett.



The Bethancourts said...

What a heart melter--he wanted to look handsome for you!!!! I just want to die! I hope to meet the amazing Garrett one day :)

Missy said...

That is so very sweet. He does love his mommy!!!

Jess said...

what a sweet boy you have :) I'm one of your LOM classmates and have enjoyed peeking at your blog today!