Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creating for Me

When I sit down to craft I'm typically doing one of two things; creating something I will eventually give away or organizing my supplies. So, from my husband's vantage point all I do is organize because what I do create, I do not keep.

As Mitch was going to bed last night he chuckled at me because I was cutting down dividers to accomodate my buddy drawers. To him - organizing again! Trust me, the details behind what I was doing you would not be interested in. But I'm enthralled because it has everything to do with Photo Freedom and my Library of Memories class. I digress.

His chuckling and Grey's Anatomy (Season 3, Oh, The Guilt) and then the Lifetime Movie Network (The Memory Keepers Daughter) spurred me to stay awake and create. Since I'm a woman obsessed I altered my clipboard for the LOM class.



Christi said...

I like the clipboard. What do you use it for? I get wrapped up in organizing too - I actually wish I had more time for it though - there are so many things I could organize... It always makes me feel good when I have something organized neatly. I think Brad thinks I'm crazy sometimes - lol!!

The Bethancourts said...

You are SO crafty! I love've always been but you're craftiness has grown exponentially since college, I believe.