Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello All

I am full of random thoughts today so here it goes.

Garrett & I re-entered the world of the living today. Where were we you ask? Hmm, we were housebound after a double diagnosis of Strep. YUCK! My inability to swallow over the weekend pushed me out the door to the doctor on Monday and just as I got settled in the sofa, Garrett's school called that he was sick. I knew it was just a matter of time when the doc said "As long as you haven't been kissing all over someone they should be fine". Luckily my husband has an immune system that rivals Superman so the entire clan wasn't brought down.

Personal insight gained: I am a bleeding heart to the bone. Sick with a sick child in the back seat on the way to get meds I see a little white dog running down the sidewalk of a busy street (Hillcrest). All I can think is, I must help that dog. So, we engage in chase the dog with the car and even attempt a few times to get out and catch the dog but boy was he fast and I was sick. So, in our driving we come across a frantic woman looking for above mentioned dog, Mr. Biggles (I kidd you not) By this point Garrett is adamant that Mommy saves Mr. Biggles. So, we finally trap Mr. Biggles who has about 5 tags on him saying that he is loved and to please return him; I'm guessing he's an escape artist. I put him in the back seat where he gives, much to Garrett's delight, a kiss to my son. Mr. Biggles was returned safe and sound to his frantic mother. I should have known I have a saving animals complex after chasing after Dexter on Herr Lane in my first trimester with Garrett.

After the great rescue we developed a bit of cabin fever after a few days on the couch and ventured outside to chalk.

Very late Thursday and some of Friday Garrett actually remembered that he was a separate person I was able to hang the fruits of my labor from my Photography class. I'm very proud that I took the pictures, cut the mats, assembled the frame and hung it all with my own two hands!

Thanks to Mitch I was able to slip out for a bit to The Scrapbook Barn's Garage Sale on Saturday and found a few bargains including some very cute Fall paper and embellishments. Before Photo Freedom my new purchase would have just been added to my stash. But, thanks to the class I was able to come home and actually complete a page! I had an idea of the pictures that would go with the paper but when I actually flipped through the pictures the one that inspired me wasn't one I would have originally thought. I suppose that is the power of having your pictures in an album to flip through. Because I wasn't feeling obligated to scrap EVERY picture from that afternoon I was able to create my first 8 1/2 x 11 page. So much fun!

Notice, not a picture of Garrett! This will be the first page in my People We Love Album. What freedom came with not feeling obligated to scrap in chronological order every picture! OK - it is now 20 till 9 and time to tackle getting Garrett to bed.


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{Happy Homes} said...

Love your layout and love that you broke free from "chrono" scrapbooking;0). I'm a fellow sojourner in LOM.
tonya (jopadiet)