Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a Blessed Easter and was able to take a moment to enjoy their loved ones.

I've put together a slide show of our festivities. We decided to hunt Cascarones on Saturday due to rain being forecasted for Sunday. We also mixed in some plastic eggs with candy. Last year it was cold and Garrett hunted plastic eggs with his neighboorhood pal inside. It was great having our dear friends join our family again this year for the big hunt.

The boys had a blast throwing the eggs against the house. They didn't exactly grasp the concept of surprising each other with the Cascarones. But I'm sure the time will come, very soon, that we will have to caution them about surprising each other too hard.

There are a few shots of Garrett going through his Easter basket. This year my theme was less is more. There was a brief question of is there more but it was fleeting and the two prized items were a chocolate bunny and What's New Scooby-Doo, Season 3.

There is actually a picture of Garrett & me this Easter before church thanks to my dear husband.

We ended our Easter celebration with another Easter egg hunt over at our dear friends house after nap. So much fun! The Mom's hid the eggs for the boys, then the boys hid the eggs for the Mom's and finally the boys then hid the eggs for the Dad's. The boys were very good finders and hiders! We wrapped it all up with the boys watching an Easter Carol and enjoying candy!

This Easter was a mix of everyone's history to create Garrett's history. I think that is pretty amazing. I brought the Guitierrez tradition of Cascarones, Mitch brought the McNeill tradition of a plastic eggs with candy and our friends introduced the tradition of having the kids hide the eggs for the parents. We are so fortunate to have to many wonderful people in our lives who together will shape our son.

There is a story out there that has touched me in a profound way. Randy Pausch has terminal cancer, has already outlived his doctor's timeline and is dying in the manner we should all be living. I've included links to his lectures, blog and upcoming book on this blog and encourage you to explore them.



Anonymous said...

Love the pics, Mon. As usual. And you music man is fabulous.
Hope to catch up soon. Lisa P

Missy said...

Hey Mon, that was a really cool video! We had a great time with you guys this Easter. We're so thankful to have you guys!