Friday, February 15, 2008

Is it a home day?

Those were the first words we heard this morning at 5:30AM. At least my son and I are on the same page. Last week both he and I were spoiled with 3 days together due to Parent/Teacher Conference day. It seems to be that our little family has hit our stride lately; there is alot of laughter when we come together. The only downside is we are all extremely reticent to leave our happy abode in the morning.

We had a great Valentine's Day; holidays seem amplified now that Garrett is aware something is different. He bypassed the chocoloate and instead became very attached to his Hallmark Sound Card that plays "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baha Men. He thinks it is hilarious and we think he is hilarious. I'm not so sure his teachers did when he took it to school yesterday. On the way home, I actually heard him singing the song. I have to get that on video!

My dynamic duo melted my heart yesterday when Garrett said "Happy Valentine's Day Mommy, I love you" with that sweet smile on his face. Mitch said when they were practicing Garrett didn't quite get it but when it came down to the wire, he was great at execution.

So I braved the cold on Tuesday and joined the field trip. I'm so glad I went, I actually shot in fully manual mode - aperture, shutter speed, focus - the whole shabang. It's amazing you can take 100 pictures of 4 subjects! Don't worry, I dwindled it down to 20 and will only post my favorites. I have tried to post a slideshow here but am extremely frustrated because apparently I am not that savvy. So, I will create one in Photoshop and upload later.

I am very excited about tonight, my Mom is going to spend the night and Mitch and I have a date! We are going to go to eat at Texadelphia, the exact location of our first date almost 8 years ago, and then we will be off to see Juno.

We've actually done pretty good on the date night this month. Last Friday our good friends in the neighboorhood kept Garrett while we went to a Mavericks game with my client. It was fantastic, the boys had a fun playdate and we got adult time. We started a babysit swap with them so next weekend will be our turn with the boys and their adorable baby girl.

More to come today.....


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