Friday, February 15, 2008

It all began with an onion

and ended with the Podiatrist.

Several months ago Garrett and I were at the pantry looking for an afternoon snack. In our search, an onion fell on my foot. I didn't think much of it because all that came of it was a bruise.

Maybe a month later a big knot formed. I only noticed because my foot would hurt in some of my shoes. I dismissed it as a result of the onion and moved on because I've heard there's not much they can do for a foot.

Maybe another month later the knot went down but something flat and kinda sharp had replaced it. But you see, now I really didn't care because my shoes didn't hurt anymore. And we know, it's all about the shoes not the foot.

Coming full circle, a couple of weeks ago Garrett and I were playing and my foot caught on my PJ while breaking the skin at the spot the onion fell months ago. I called for help and my medical team came to my rescue. I was brave as Mitch cleaned the wound only because Garrett was intently watching. When he saw that Daddy was fixing Mommy, he ran to get his doctor kit and was Mommy's doctor.

This episode finally made me acknowledge that I had to go to the Podiatrist. I made the appointment first thing in the morning and then awkardly excused myself from the client site because "I have something sticking out of my foot." After looking at the X Ray the doctor concluded that I had a foreign object in my foot. I was bewildered because prior to the evening, nothing had broken my skin. I thought, surely I can't be so absentminded that I would forget something hurting me. All I had recollection of was the onion. Once I convinced the Podiatrist of this, he agreed to send the foreign object to pathology after he removed it. Well, turns out we didn't need pathology. He numbed me up and cut out a 1cm shard of glass from the top, center of my foot.

I just kept saying, "How bizarre, this is bizarre right?" He agreed and noted the only time he saw a piece of glass on the top of the foot was a woman who REMEMBERED stepping on glass and a year later went to see him because it had migrated to the top of her foot.

As I get older it seems more random life occurs. As a side note, the Podiatrist and the nurse had a bet as to whether or not I actually had dried up onion in my foot!


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Christi said...

So it was glass? That is the strangest story I've heard in a while...