Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week One

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Hello there. The last few weeks of work were crazy so I haven't had much, if any, time with my Project Life lately. But I do have the first week photographed so here I am to share while  I sit couch side with my toddler. I want to say I photographed week two somewhere along the way but I'll have to double check on that.


The biggest change I'm making this year is editing myself. I want to limit the number of inserts I include and I want to add more of our un-photographed life which means only select pictures make it in the album. This is so difficult for me.


When I put this week together I was still waiting for my Seafoam kit to arrive so I was printing out the digital kit. This year I am also subscribing to the Studio Calico Project Life Kit. Similar to last year I am also supplementing with my stash.



I'm trying to play a little more so I got wild and crazy and sewed a few sequins to my photograph. Walking on the wild side here. :)


In order to reclaim space in my layouts I've decided to not dedicate a 4x6 slot for the "title" card that identified the week and date range. Instead I'm dedicating a 3x4 slot that shows the week number, the starting date of the week and a little snippet of our week in review. Think more of a highlight than a play by play.





I love that "the flu" card makes my husband laugh. Real life friends, real life.


As a hunter's wife I fell in love with this deer card from Paislee Press. Trying to find ways to include more of my husband's story in our album.


The quote card from Owen might be my favorite part of the week. He is constantly cracking us up and I really want to make sure I capture this part of his essence in our album. How I wish I had this with my oldest.




Our episode of Octonauts is almost up which means so is this pocket of blogging time. Until next time friends. Thanks for stopping by.



libbywilko said...

Thanks for sharing your week, I can't believe Travis is table walking now! Love Your pages and Owen's quote card is so cute.

JC said...

Such great ideas here! I particularly love the idea of reclaiming a 4x6 spot and using a 3x4 "week in review." Oh, and the hidden journaling card in the pocket! Love it all -- thank you for sharing!

Christy Sheffield said...

i love that you included the deer card! my husband is a deer hunter as well, and i've been trying to include his stories in my PL albums (after all, it really is supposed to be "our" story). I totally need to get that paislee press card. it looks gorgeous printed.

Melanie said...

always enjoy seeing your pages and comparing what our littlests are up to. :)