Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful: The Second Installment

The month of November I am documenting my gratitude with a daily layout that is incorporated into my Project Life album. I am using Cathy Zielske 30 Days of Thankful templates, printing all my pictures in black & white and using my handwriting to keep this simple. Oh and the misspellings/grammatical errors , yes I see them, but I'm letting them go & I'm not doing it over again. This is so hard for me. :)

My goal is to post a week of pages here on Friday but I'm starting to think Saturdays are a bit more realistic for me.  I didn't finish my pages yesterday with enough time to photograph and blog but here I am only a day late.

IMG_2051 crop

IMG_2052 crop

IMG_2058 crop

IMG_2059 crop

IMG_2061 crop

IMG_2064 crop

After documenting two weeks I've learned a few things about taking on a daily project in addition to Project Life. 

First, I think I am most successful when I setup my pages at the beginning, keep it simple and work on a batch of days at once. I have never successfully completed a December Daily because I haven't done these things.  

Second, I think this might be working because I'm incorporating it into my Project Life and I'm not trying to have a second album. I am still undecided as to whether my December Daily will be a separate album. I like the idea of it being separate and something that comes out at Christmas but if I don't finish it then it never comes out. 

Third, I don't take enough pictures during the course of a normal week to support a full two page Project Life layout and a daily project. I think I'm going to either combine two weeks into a two page layout or only use a one page layout for the week with my gratitude inserts in between. I hope to test this out this weekend. If this works I will likely do the same in December. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 



hannahk said...


I am so thankful that you share your learnings and perspective on actually doing a project. So many good points shared and so many ah ha moments that make me feel human too. thank you so much

libbywilko said...

Such a great post so many things to be thankful of, a nice reminder and I love the PL tips.

HelenH said...

Gee, Monica, 7 wonderful photos with journaling, on color-coordinated paper - that looks like project life to me! Do you really have more to add?

Your message about your friend is so inspiring. A nice way to include other people in an album when you don't have a photo. And the hats-are-the-only-cute-boy-accessory made me laugh. How jealous I was of my friend with girls!

As for DD, you could put those into an insert, then collect them all into a PL-size binder to take out each Christmas.

suzitee said...

I'm planning to attempt to do PL alongside December Daily this year...not sure how it's going to go, but I have set up my album already...and that's a good start for me! Good luck with however you decide to document it :)