Monday, October 15, 2012

Project Life: Week 31

Project Life Weekly Share

Hello Monday and hello friends. Today Becky shared the October Edition of the Creative Team Inspiration. Here is the complete view of Week 31 that was shared. 

MMcNeill Oct1a

What I really loved about this week were all the stories captured and my ability to use the 3x4 spots for journaling instead of my usual Instagram pictures.

MMcNeill Oct1b

I was able to do this because I was able to use Design J for the first time. This is so great. Even my Instagrams had a place for a bigger story. Love this.

MMcNeill Oct1c

MMcNeill Oct1d

MMcNeill Oct1e

On the upper right hand corner the label / tag is a result of "oops" journaling on a card. I didn't want to waste the entire card so I just trimmed it to tie it into the corresponding card that told the bigger story.

A quick aside, I am so thankful that I captured the story of the reluctant shopper. In ten weeks this part of life with Owen has already changed. It's amazing how something that you think will always be is in fact fleeting.

MMcNeill Oct1f

I'll be back later this week with another layout and maybe even a real post with words. Hope you had a great Monday. Thanks for stopping by.



Vera said...

thank you, I enjoyed going through your spread :)

libbywilko said...

Such great memories captured here, I wish I had PL when the boys were babies I have forgotten so much and they are only 4&6 !

My boys are close in age too and it still is so sweet when they still say each other is their best friend and always greet each other like long lost friends in the movies wide open hugs calling each others names when they have been apart (school & kindy).

Thanks for sharing your week Monica.