Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hi, I'm Monica

Last week I was introducing myself to a group of women I know and have come to call friend and some that I know in acquaintence and hope to call friend as the years go by. In my work I find myself in this situation often, watching the progression around the room until it comes to me, "Hi, I'm Monica McNeill ..."

On Tuesday it went something like this "Hi, I'm Monica and I have three boys. My second grader is Garrett, my two year old is Owen and he is a terror. {exclamations from the crowd, "He's adorable!"} A knowing smile, yes, but he's two, and my 6 month old is Travis. To pay the bills I work in International Tax in public accounting and to keep me sane I'm a member of creative team scrapbooking." {interjection from the crowd, "and you quilt", "and you blog", "and she doesn't sleep"} As I turn to my left, "And now it's your turn", thankful smile that my minute of introduction is over.

After that introduction, in the days that followed, something kept tugging at me. It wasn't until I heard Becky say "We can do anything but not everything." in her Project Real Life presentation I knew that tugging at me was the truth that yes, at one particular moment or another, all of that is me. But none of it is me at the same exact moment. And so much more of me wasn't even voiced.

Like this. I haven't completed a Project Life layout in over a month. I could say I've been busy. I could say I've been running around with the kids. I could just say I haven't made it a priority.

In the aftermath of busy season it has been easier to sit on the couch or lay in bed and lose myself in a television show. And there isn't anything wrong with that. Except for me I'm happiest when my hands are busy and my heart is telling a story with words, with photographs, with scrapbooking.

I've been lamenting to my husband that I don't have time for my scrapbooking anymore. But the issue isn't time I don't have it's where I've been spending the time I do have.

10_15_2012 week 41

So, last night, after Travis was asleep, Owen was kissed goodnight and Garrett was tucked in I poured a glass of wine, printed pictures, slipped them into pockets and my heart was happy.

I believe that if you listen closely there are lessons in everything. Some more obvious than others.

I'm really enjoying the Project Real Life classroom at Big Picture Classes. Our first two lessons have covered how to begin with the end in mind and putting first things first. Both are concepts that I am already familiar with but hearing Becky's gentle reminders were exactly what I needed. So very timely.

image from BeckyHiggins.com

Hi, I'm Monica and I'm a work in progress.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you are having a wonderful week.



Sara said...

ooohhhh...this one hit close to home. Thanks for sharing. I've been feeling the same lately. This was wonderfully put. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I needed this today...a reminder that I shouldn't give up my love affair with pictures and words and glue. I have four kids under 8 with one on the way and mindless television or just sleeping in my bed have been my priority at night. But I miss the me that loves to document. I'm doing it tonight - even if it is simply putting pictures in those plastic sleeves:)


SJ said...

I can relate to every sylable of this only I have 4 teenagers instead of little ones. I just keep thinking giant things have to slow down soon and then there will be time but that does not seem to be the case so some night soon I too will be joining the sleepless and just putting in those pictures, the ones currently PILED on my scrap desk, in pockets. Maybe...hopefully!