Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Project Real Life Giveaway Winner and a few pictures

Hello, I am so sorry to be late on posting the winner. The truth is several comments really touched me and I struggled between selecting a winner and picking a random number. In the end I decided I couldn't pick just one person so I went with a random number.

The winner is Leslie who said "I cultivate a good life by enjoying every minute of every day. In a flash it could all be gone, so we need to make sure to treasure every moment we have."

I couldn't agree more.

Thank you for sharing a little piece of yourself in the comments you were all responsible for making me smile.

One of the ways I cultivate a good life is by picking up my camera. Looking through the lens not only makes me come alive but it also provides my greatest source of gratitude because I see my blessings.

These pictures were taken after lunch with my parents at one of my favorite restaurants, Lockhart Smokehouse, in one of my favorite parts of Dallas, the Bishop Arts District.

IMG_7963 PSE

IMG_7974 PSE

IMG_7977 PSE

IMG_7990 PSE

IMG_7982 PSE

Have a wonderful day and for those that didn't win, don't forget registration for Project Real Life is open until October 10th!



Leslie said...

Thank You Thank You Thank you! I am so excited!

Rossana said...

nice giveaway!