Thursday, September 20, 2012

Project Life: Week 25

I am beyond excited that I am using my Labor Day holiday tomorrow that I wasn't able to take well, on Labor Day weekend. Do you know what it means when all your children are in school and you are at home? For me, some time with my Project Life!! I am giddy.

Right now I have no idea where I am in my album. That's the honest truth. I've been printing pictures but I may have a few weeks to still print. Not sure. What I do know is that I took pictures of Week 25 over a month ago and am just now sharing them! I think I have a few other weeks that were photographed but never shared. Maybe they will make an appearance on the blog next week. No promises though because I hate breaking promises.

mmcneill wk25 1a

mmcneill wk25 1b

mmcneill wk25 1c

mmcneill wk25 1d

mmcneill wk25 1e

mmcneill wk25 1f

mmcneill wk25 1g

mmcneill wk25 1h

mmcneill wk25 1i

Happy Thursday! I'll be back tomorrow with my Project Real Life Winner. I'm off to tidy the playroom so tomorrow I can play!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Monica, I'm loving your PL inspiration! Also, just wondering if you've picked the winner for the Becky Higgins Project Real Life? Anxious to hear! :)