Sunday, August 5, 2012

Looking Back & Forward | a series of pictures & words

The last week is a blur. I'm not sure exactly what was accomplished or where the time went. I do know that it was a good blur. I really enjoyed my children. I found myself sitting more without my mind racing to the next item on the list.

{Owen is our little mother. Here he was either telling me that "Travis is very crying" or he was telling me "You take care of Travis."}

Looking back through my pictures it is apparent I didn't pick up the camera much at all.

{Saturday S'Mores on a Sunday after the littles went to bed. We don't get a lot of time with just Garrett. }

And that is OK. It's OK to walk away from the documenting to be still in the moment.

{Travis hanging out outside watching Owen scooter. Awesome.}
Tomorrow our new normal begins and my heart is anxious.

{Saturday S'Mores with the littles. Owen was very focused on the task.}

Tonight I have no words maybe tomorrow.

{Mitch & Travis bonding.It's hard for Mitch to get one on one time with Travis with Garrett and Owen being more vocal about their demands on his time.}


This post is a series of posts that highlights my reflections on maternity leave and my thoughts leading up to going back to work. You can read all of the posts in the series here.

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