Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Quilt for baby Travis

Earlier today......It's 3:33AM and I should really be asleep. But after Travis' 2AM feeding I found myself lying in bed unable to sleep with all the things I want to do during the day but don't because I'm chasing around three little boys.

So, before my eyes get heavy or one of the above mentioned three little boys wakes up for either a feeding or a walk down the hallway I wanted to quickly share what I have accomplished this week.

Just now.......Hello again. It's now almost 12 hours later and I'm just now sitting down to finish this post. Promptly at 3:50 AM Owen woke up in bed screaming and while snuggling him back to sleep I also drifted off. Today has gifted us with the littles refusing to nap. I've finally put Travis in his swing so he will get some rest. Owen on the other hand is playing next to me as I type. Maybe this means he'll go to bed early? I sure hope so.

Last weekend I shifted my focus from Project Life to the quilt I started for baby Travis back in February. For four months my sewing machine has gone untouched but on Saturday Mitch took charge of Garrett & Owen so that I could go to the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild's Saturday Sew to finally quilt the top I had made for Travis oh so many months ago.


When I got home all I had left were a few lines of quilting and the binding.


I was so excited on Tuesday when I called it done and put it in the wash.

IMG_4606 PSE
IMG_4608 PSE

I am happy to report that this quilt is already getting lots of love from its new owner.


There is not a pattern but it I was inspired by the Patchwork Squares Quilt I saw at Pottery Barn Kids. The fabric is a combination of Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane, Denyse Schmidt's Fairgrounds & Picnic from her DS Quilts Collection at Joann, some reclaimed bed linens from Whimsie Dots and a few random prints from my stash.

And now Travis is awake.....until next time my friends. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer.



Debbie said...

Gorgeous quilt! And he is one beautiful baby. Love his eyes...

Kendra in Dayton said...

How and where do you print your Instgram photos from your iPhone? At home? Upload to an online service? Being able to handle my Instagram photos easily is one thing holding me back from getting an iPhone. Wanting to make sure it's pretty simple t do.

Thanks - love your blog.