Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Saturday

Good Morning!! The sun has not come up & I'm laying in bed making myself be still a little bit longer because today my plan is to turn what you see on this design wall into a quilt top for Travis.

travis quilt

Late Thursday night I picked up my best friend from the airport and was over the moon to have her in the same state with me much less my home. Yesterday after we got the kids settled at school,

[ Side Bar: Apparently not so well since I received a call from the school that Garrett was eating ice cream and milk for lunch. There was some misunderstanding on my part when my husband said that morning that Garrett got a lunchable and I presumed that meant it was taken care of and totally missed that I needed to grab the lunchable. Ah, mother of the year! However I did remember to take diapers & wipes for Owen so that counts for something, right? ]

grocery shopped for our weekend, and packed up the car we finally made our way to our quiting retreat. Yesterday was spent being sassy and unfiltered and authentic and it felt great. When I'm around Pam I feel safe. She loves me Yesterday was full of story telling, teasing, laughter and connection.

We were talking last night and I realized to the extent I compartmentalize the different areas of my life. I have work, I have the "school" world associated with Garrett, I have "couple" relationships shared Mitch, I have my core loves (Mitch, Garrett & Owen), I have my public crafting, I have my private crafting, I have my family and then I have a very small space where very few individuals transcend and I am simply me.

This weekend I'm spending time in that very special place. It's a beautiful thing to have Pam here and I'm already dreading her flight home Sunday afternoon. But for now I'm going to bask in the glory of her company and fully immerse myself in the day ahead.

Similar to last weekend I'm so thankful to be able to spend time with friends, both long standing and those full of promise, where I get to spend my energy focusing on connection. I've brought someone else along on this retreat, someone crossing over another compartment of my life and it has been so nice to have her here in my company, where I am simply me.

While I miss my core loves greatly, yes, I'm already in a bit of withdrawl, I know it's good for me to leave them from time to time to fill my bucket and give them the chance to be just the boys. Last night they conquered Gattiland and Owen rode his first carousel ride. So cool.

The clock has officially struck 7:03 & I think I can safely get out of bed without Pam fussing at me that I'm not resting ;) My sciatic nerve is really giving me a run for my money and no matter how stubborn I am she is making sure I'm taking it easy.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, I know I plan to do the same!



Stacy said...

I cherish those small moments when I can be just me. I am so happy that you are getting that this weekend! My weekend is coming up in March, and I am so ready for it! Love keeping tabs on you through your blog, Monica!

shirley said...

I followed your quilt progress on Instagram and it looks beautiful! I think you'll find as time goes on, and your boys grow older, you'll have more time to be just you.
And again, thank you for your comments on my blog. They mean so much to me and are so appreciated. I am so blessed to have the advice of those who have gone down the path I'm about to. Pass on my thanks to Mitch - I totally understand his feelings. I guess this is will be an exercise in patience.