Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life: A Playdate

Project Life Behind the Scenes

So, I know that I said I wasn't going to post bi-weekly about Project Life and I still don't plan on it. And I think I said I was going to post on Thursday but I was editing these pictures and how can I not post these cute pictures of these adorable kiddos, yes, mine included.

IMG_7598 edit

Poor baby girl was so not OK with Owen deciding she was the perfect chair :) And yes, those are her shoes on his hands.

IMG_7614 edit

And I really, really had to share what I did on Sunday because I think this is exactly what Becky has in mind when she says "Cultivate a Good Life."

I had a playdate. Well, at least that is what Garrett told me when he got home from his playdate :)

PL Jan

(Photo Credit: My always grounded friend Lucia's Instagram feed.)

I have wrangled a group of six of my girlfriends that are working with Project Life this year to meet once a month. I usually hesitate to bring groups together because schedules can be chaotic and it never seems like a good time. But, I decided to go for it. When I sent out the note I felt like a highschool girl who just asked the cute boy out on a date!!

I was happy to have a good bit of interest & we've set our calendar. I'm taking the approach of even if only one is able to make it we keep our date.

IMG_7597 edit

I am so glad I did. I've mentioned before that this is my year to live intentionally. I have always been somewhat more of a quality than quantity person when it comes to girlfriends. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of awesome acquaintances both in my daily life and this online crafting world and I am absolutely blessed by those relationships. But you know those relationships that extend beyond. That you can be completely vulnerable and strong in and both are welcomed. Yeah, those, I can count on one hand.

I tend to find these relationships through my passions and its been awhile since I've been intentional about developing some of these acquantaince relationships into something more. Connection is very important to me right now, I have learned that it fills my soul.

On Sunday my spirit was full of laughter, connection, inspiration and fun.

IMG_7602 edit

I share this all with you in hopes that you reach out to one, two, five women you know taking on Project Life this year. There is something very magical about sitting together to celebrate life. Thank you so much to the sweet Stephanie who inspired me to bring my own group of women together.

Hopefully my girlfriends won't kill me too much for this post but I really did have to share that sometimes life is great because of the people you invite into it. The time they gave on Sunday was exactly what this mama needed. And I look forward to sharing the same experience with my girlfriends that weren't able to make it this month.

I am happy to report thanks to my husband wrangling Owen I was able to complete Week 2, get all my pictures & memorabilia slipped into Week 3 & have most of my pictures slipped into Week 4. I'm hoping but not counting on making time to journal Week 3. Right now I'm very much looking forward to an awesome weekend with my best friend who is flying in from Kentucky and a great group of friends on a quilting retreat. I have to make baby Travis a quilt & all I've done is decide on a design! I must pull my fabric this week. Good thing I have an extensive stash :)

Oh, and Lucia suggested that I could share all my layouts if I do quick overview pictures as a Wordless Wednesday post. I'm mulling it over but as usual she does have a good point! What do you think? Would that still be something you guys are interested in?

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Thanks for stopping by to read.



vintage modern quilts | Lisa said...

I had a great time! You, Lucia, and Amanda are 3 of my favorite women and I love getting to spend time with you. Doing something crafty is just a bonus!

Janna said...

Definitely! I'd rather see a photo than nothing at all:) And I TOTALLY understand you not having time to do your PL AND post it! I just love seeing the inspiration, in any form. Thanks!!

Melinda said...

I love getting together with friends to scrap, but its so hard to round everyone up! And whatever works for you! I love seeing your process, but sometimes words aren't needed! :D

Debbie said...

Whatever you decide to share, I'd love to see. Love that you got a group together. I miss those scrappy nights, used to do them often but now it's very hard. Whatever you decide, as long as you are enjoying the process.

Nirupama said...

Keep the project life quotes coming! I love it. I went on my first crafting date this Sunday too, but for cards. I don't make cards, but that day I made six over mimosas. So nice :)

Mariska W. said...

Really love your stories and how you make project life ! It is nice to read that you have friends around that share that. Wish I had...

Ang said...

When I first started out paper scrapping (about 12 years ago) I started along with a few other mom-friends. We kept a fairly regular Tuesday night thing going, switching houses. Over time & with some having many more babies, it got more and more difficult. And our stashes got so large it became tricky to know what to bring with you. When I switched to digi I would bring my laptop, but it wasn't quite the same. I definitely miss the sharing & interaction but creatively I find I can accomplish more when I'm home alone. LOL Now we go out to dinner once a month instead, so at least we still see each other, if not being crafty together.

I would love to see your overview pics if you decide to give that a try.

boydfamily said...

Sorry I missed it -- next time!

deb duty said...

This looks like so much fun! I wish I could come! Too bad I haven't been able to talk some friends into doing this with me. None of my non scrapbooking friends seem to understand how easy this is and oh so rewarding!

April said...

I am so jealous! what an amazing gift to be able to hang out, create, and spend girl time :)