Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Project Life: Week 5

Hello! Last week was crazy. Owen & I were down with a virus all week and my husband was hit at the end of the week but this week is so much better!

I've not found anytime to work on Project Life since we've been home from the hospital two weeks ago until today. So glad a girlfriend came over for a few hours to get my creative juices going again.  Last week I documented for Week in the Life inspired by Ali Edwards. I'm still thinking through how that will come together but I'm leaning heavily on using Design F and incorporating it into Project Life.

But for today I have Week 5 to share with you.

Project Life Weekly Share 
MMcNeillMay1a MMcNeillMay1b MMcNeillMay1c MMcNeillMay1d MMcNeillMay1e MMcNeillMay1f

I love that I have a place to put snippets of life I find around the house. I'm sure in a few years it will be so great to have bits of the kids included in this album.


The fold out journaling cards are great for a longer story or one that I just don't need to have on the face of the album. In order to cover the back of the brad from the front I just covered with a similiar size sticker and layered a piece of chipboard on top.

MMcNeillMay1h MMcNeillMay1i

Here I had two instagram pictures that I wanted to include but didn't have a bunch to say. Loved using the transparency and making the two sides mirror images of each other. Super simple.


Keep in mind this first month at home with Travis I have planned on not working on my album regulary but am definitely still taking pictures and capturing life. I am hoping once we get into a routine that I'll get current before all three boys are home for the summer and my time will truly not be my own!

In case you were wondering here is where I'm at right now:

Blogged: Weeks 1-5, 7 & 8
Completed: Weeks 6, 9-11, 13 & 15
Journaling: Weeks 12 & 14
Print Pictures: Weeks 16 & 17


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Melissa Stinson said...

I'm definitely using Design F for Week in the Life! It was my plan from the beginning, and Week in the Life is just going to be a big fat insert my Project Life spread for that week.

I'm soooo much less stressed about WITL with that plan that I have been for the previous three times I've done it. I think I'll be doing it for my Christmas journal this year, too!