Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Guy

has completely stolen my heart.


  • This guy is really coming into his own.

  • This guy is going to go through life fearless and full of adventure.

  • This guy owns both his joy and frustration with equal passion.

  • This guy is crazy about Elmo.

  • This guy thinks every loud transportation sound is a bus.

  • This guy has started using "I", "I tuck (stuck)" is a favorite.

  • This guy is part billy goat.

  • This guy thinks all colors are yellow and all numbers are 2.

  • This guy is equally a daddy's boy and a momma's boy.

  • This guy says "ya ya" with a whine when he needs comfort.

  • This guy has no idea he's 5 1/2 years younger than his brother.

  • This guy adores his Bubba and refuses to call him Garrett.

  • This guy calls himself "O-ee" and we have all started to do the same.

  • This guy definitely has a grasp on "yessss", "yah" and "no".

  • IMG_6229 edit

  • This guy cannot eat enough broccoli.

  • This guy takes great pleasure in eating, period.

  • This guy is already of lover of the great outdoors.

  • This guy tells us "poo poo" whenever he wants his diaper changed.

  • This guy likes to hold hands through his crib when he's falling asleep.

  • This guy has developed a bad habit of wanting to sleep with us in the middle of the night.

  • This guy is an animal lover and envelopes "Pat TON" and "ti ties" every chance he gets.

  • This guy will reach out his arms to you & say "upa upa upa" when he wants to be held.

  • This guy loves to put on his hat & jacket.

  • This guy is obsessed with shoes.

  • This guy uses "peees" and "ta-too" frequently and always when prompted.

  • This guy has an infectious giggle.

  • This guy is learning to not put his toes on the table when he eats.

  • This guy gets spanked (a swat on the hand) more than his brother has ever been spanked because he is constantly pushing his boundaries and timeouts don't work.

  • This guy understands what a spanking is and it has become a deterrent, finally.

  • This guy says "cheeeeeseee" everytime he sees the camera.

  • This guy is not shy about saying "No, nooooo Bubba" when he disapproves.

  • This guy has a vocabulary that is exploding.

  • This guy is communicating with us more and throwing less fits.

  • This guy is so very confident and owns the house.

  • This guy has brought into our life in 19 months and 6 days.


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Anonymous said...

He's completely adorable, and you are one lucky mama! :-)