Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Life: Q&A

Today I wanted to share the answers to a few questions I’ve received in the comments and through Twitter recently. Since Blogger makes it difficult for me to respond to comments individually and Twitter limits my characters I thought this would be the best way to open more dialogue with you guys that take time to comment.

But, before I jump in I want to share that I’ve decided to take the month of January to test posting twice a week regarding Project Life. Tuesdays will be for general Project Life related posts (Q&A, behind the scenes, tips & tricks, inspiration found, the why behind pictures I take (maybe the how??), philosophy, etc.). If I’ve missed anything you would like to see just leave a comment. Thursdays will be for sharing my layouts (those I still have to share for 2011 and of course 2012). This doesn't mean that these will be the only days I ever post about Project Life but I want to try to post on at least these days.

IMG_6448 edit

OK here we go…….

Q My one question for you is . . . are you planning on mixing in different styles of page protectors or are you planning on keeping the two "ends" of the week the same, and take a look at adding in the variety in between those pages?

A The short answer is that I will be mixing page protectors this year. With that said, for simplicity, I have set up my 2012 album using only the Design A Page Protectors. While working on a week I am open to swapping out a Design A Page Protector for a Design B Page Protector if I find I have a lot of vertical pictures and I do not plan on using an insert that week.

If I have enough pictures/memorabilia/journaling where I plan on using an insert I most often leave the Design A Page Protector for my main pages and incorporate my vertical pictures into the insert. I do a lot of trimming down insert page protectors to accommodate my needs.

I tend to take a lot of vertical and horizontal pictures during the week without much thought so I love the flexibility of variety pack to add inserts. Funny enough, I found myself taking both a horizontal and vertical picture of the same moment towards the end of the year so I would have more options when pulling together my week without using an insert, especially where maybe I only had one or two vertical shots for the week.

Q I was wondering how you journal when you are doing PL. Do you talk to the kids or tell the story as if someone else is reading it? Make sense?

A For the most part I do not write as if I’m talking to the kids. I definitely write in the first person but I do not address a particular audience. It’s not something I contemplated before it’s just what seems most natural for me. I was reading this post from Jenny Meyerson and I adore that she writes a letter to the kids each week. I’m seriously considering adding that to my album this year and that I would write directly to the boys.

Q I would love to hear some behind the scenes stuff on your process…tips, tricks, etc. as a fellow working mom, I’d love to know how you make sure you make time for this project while balancing family and your career.

A I’m currently working on Week 51 and am documenting my process to share, hopefully, next week. I am also planning out a series of posts regarding my philosophy & organization that will likely be shared in parts over several weeks.

I hope this was helpful! Thanks for stopping by to read.



Danielle said...

Would love to see pix of your scrapbook room as well. Looks beautiful from the peek above! TIA

shannon said...

I have no idea how I found you, but I am thrilled that I did! I just got the Project Life system and it arrived today. I am so excited to do this-- I am brand new to scrapbooking, but with this system, it seems doable. I had a lot of fun tonight starting my first page!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Sunday-Saturday week...when is a good time to print pictures assuming I can keep up?

Sammy said...

I love the design on the box! So cute.

Anonymous said...

I really like your plan to lay it all out ahead of time to simplify! Quick question - where did you find the dresser shown in the above photo? It looks like a perfect fit for some of my projects and how I work . . . love the basket 'drawers'!