Thursday, November 3, 2011

May the Force Be With You

When we were pregnant and found out that we were going to have another boy I had grand plans of reusing much if not most of Garrett's things that had been saved through the years in the attic. Little did I know that Halloween costumes would not be recycled by Owen. I couldn't resist Garrett's request that Owen be his Yoda since Garrett was going to be Anakin Skywalker (before he goes to the Dark Side and becomes Darth Vader).

IMG_2226 PSE

IMG_2233 PSE

When Garrett was Owen's age our Halloween picture taking was a bit tramatic. Imagine trying to keep an almost two year old in front of a black velvet back drop while wearing a monkey costume that he wanted no part of. Well, not even the allure of sweet chocolate could make that work. Exhibit A.


Lesson learned and knowing that Owen is even less of a willing subject than Garrett ever was we headed to the backyard, one of his favorite places, and offered the chocolate well before tears ever had a chance to make an appearance. Those big brown eyes are not focused on me they were all about Da-deeeee.

IMG_2165 PSE

IMG_2168 PSE

IMG_2191 PSE

We started the night of trick or treating with stops at some of our favorite neighbors. Owen was all too willing to walk right on inside :)

IMG_2310 PSE

IMG_2298 PSE

After that we headed over to a fabulous Halloween party that culminates in the mad dash for candy but not before the picture in front of the great black cat. This is just a smattering of the kiddos in attendance, such a gracious host to welcome 30+ children into her home every year.

IMG_2320 PSE

Last year the boys thought that the trick or treating portion of the evening was the Amazing Race so this year we all agreed, um not again! So while the boys were much improved over last year there was still some of this.

IMG_2359 PSE

Owen didn't even make it out of his stroller for the big boy trick or treating and by 7:15 he looked a little something like this.

IMG_2369 PSE

The poor little guy had a check up and shots that morning and was all done. Luckily, we had begun the celebrations earlier in the week with my annual trick or treating at work, where he discovered chocolate.

IMG_2104 PSE



And with pumpkin carving at friends where Mitch branched out into the world of Angry Birds, Garrett was more than happy to scoop out the guts and Owen watched in deep observation.

IMG_2121 PSE

IMG_2146 PSE

What we didn't do this year was our annual trip to the pumpkin patch or fill the house with decorations and while I beat myself up that I did not live up to our usual level of festivities the kids were absolutely unaware. Garrett was just as happy picking his pumpkin from the grocery. I don't think not doing it all had any impact on their fun of Halloween. Another lesson learned that maybe, just maybe, less is more or if not that then good enough.

I have enjoyed seeing all the pictures of little ones (and big ones) in costume this last week. I hope you had a very happy Halloween!


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Kendra in Dayton said...

That has become my mantra over the last year....."sometimes good enough is good enough."