Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We are four days post surgery and as Mitch lovingly refers to it, frankenknee, is beginning to heal. I am so proud of my husband for not only the recovery he is making but his outlook on what I know is a frustrating situation for such an active guy. The last few days his positive attitude and chin up perspective have overwhelmed me.

By all rights he should be the one in our home, if anyone, having mini meltdowns or moments of dispair or concern and I would guess that he has, he is human after all. But you, I, will never see this. Not because he is playing the role of a martyr but because he chooses everyday to have a positive outlook on life.

In what may be one of his weakest physical moments, he is at his strongest. I draw strength from the example he sets and for that he is my hero.

Yesterday was a tough day. I believe the children conspired to see who could breakdown Mama the fastest in the short time they had with me in the afternoon/evening. As I rocked Owen to sleep I felt the weight of raising children, balancing the duties of work and championing my husbands recovery. While the inner critic of not good enough was screaming at me I tried my best to be gentle with myself and remember I'm doing the best I can in a less than ideal time of our life.

Over the last few days he has expressed his gratitude for all that I do and I am humbled because I don't do it with near the positive energy he exhibits (and I'm not doing it alone my parents have been a huge help). His kind words only make me want to try to be a better person, a more patient mother and a more encouraging wife.

When I came out of Owen's room last night, cheeks wet with fresh tears, Mitch was there waiting to cheer me on & lift me up. He is an amazing man & I am blessed to have him as my husband, my partner in life. I know his recovery will be quick because of the the choices in perspective that he makes everyday.

Thank you for stopping by to read and to those who have taken the time to call, drop by or check in on Mitch or have lent a helping hand, encouraged or lifted him up you mean the world to me.

For those wondering, the title of the post was taken from the Oasis song Wonderwall because I heard it the other day driving home it made me think of Mitch. Absolutely random :)


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angie said...

Oh are such a sweetie!!! Love reading your blog.... Hope hubby is feeling better...hang in there! Will miss seeing you tomorrow night!