Friday, September 2, 2011

Signs of a Comeback?

I've been walking around lately with blog posts rolling around in my head. I've spent days reflecting on why I've stopped blogging and creating. I really don't think I buy the "I'm busy" mantra I've been wearing the last year. Yes, I'm busy, that is fact but I strongly believe that there is always opportunity to create space for what you love. I've asked myself recently, why hasn't this been something important enough to create space for?

I think I'm finding the answers, the authentic but sometimes ugly answers. By owning up I feel strong enough to face my own inner critic. And this all matters why? Because, I made a layout this week. It took three days, it was not about my children, it is not anything that is ready for publication or completely original but it was a story I wanted to tell and it.felt.good.




We are leaving for the hospital in minutes and Mitch is having knee surgery. A few weeks ago he tore his ACL and today they will put it back together. Any good thoughts & prayers are appreciated today for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery!

I'm planning to take the time work on some embarrasingly overdue projects and to sit and write with any distraction to hopefully, finally sort out everything in my head.

Hope you have a beautiful Friday and a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



Anonymous said...

Thinking healing thoughts for Mitch today, for sure! Love the layout. Oh so true :) Keep well and enjoy your long weekend!

Debbie P said...

Simple but beautiful layout. I love it! I've been in the same creative boat lately. It's nice to know everyone gets in that place once in awhile. Give yourself a break and pat yourself on the back for a layout well done! Good thoughts coming your way for your hubby.

ocm said...

Brilliant layout. I find that the most beautiful are the ones that are the most honest. The ones that tell the stories most would avoid.

Everyone tells the other stories.



Hope all goes well, and you all have a good weekend.

: )

allie.duckienz said...

LOVE your LO. Good luck with everything!

Creative Photo Albums said...

Sometimes we make layouts not to document our kids or anyone but we just wanted to tell a story and then we'd feel better. I hope the surgery went well since this post is dated 4 months ago.