Thursday, June 9, 2011

Owen's Big Day: Part One, The Baptism

On May 29th we celebrated both Owen's baptism & his birthday. When Owen was around 8 months & we still had not baptized him I decided that since his birthday fell on a Sunday we would just wait for that milestone to have him join God's family. It was such a special way to start his special day.

The church asked us for their not to be photography during the service so all we have are a few shots at the church & then family pictures at home.

IMG_3373 PSE

Thankfully Owen's baptism was at the beginning of service because we spent the rest of the service in the cry room. He is definitely more use to going to the nursery than being in big church! He finally gave in to his exhaustion the last ten minutes of service.


Once we got home we took a few family shots. We had my brother & his fiancee, my parents & Mitch's parents with us to celebrate this very special day. Looking back I wish I had the tripod out so we could take a big family picture. That would have been cool.





Both of these shots are classic Owen.

IMG_3524 PSE


Next is my brother & his fiancee (she is FANTASTIC with the boys), excited for their wedding in May. They went home to change after service so they missed the family shots at home but here they are at the church.


Here are my in-laws. So fun that my father-in-law coordinated with the boys.


And my parents. It was really nice to have them there as they were also at Garrett's baptism in Kentucky.


I thought it was so special that Owen was blessed on his first birthday with eternal life. Coming up next, the party at home.


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