Friday, May 27, 2011

What am I doing wrong???

***Edited Below

Last night I was fighting with Photoshop Elements 8. I am trying to make these cute labels for Owen's party & the landscape pictures are working but the portraits are a fuzzy mess!!

The objective:

My version that is working:

Bottle 0

My fuzzy mess:

Bottle 10

Bottle 12

Bottle 11

Here is what I'm doing:

1. My blank new document is at 3.5 x 9, 72 ppi
2. Before I add the picture I resize to 3.5 height and contrain proportions, 72 ppi.
3. In my editor everything looks great but in my organizer & when I print, fuzzy.

EDIT: I should have mentioned that I started with 200 ppi & then also tried 300 ppi. In my desperation last night I went to 72ppi just in case but obviously it didn't work. The pictures were taken "high" on my Canon 60D so I wouldn't think that the pictures were too low resolution.

Can anyone help me trouble shoot?

I am way behind schedule & need your help so I don't continue to bang my head against the wall!! Today is manic with work so I would really, really appreciate any tips you guys can give me.



shirley said...

Are you printing the finished label 3.5 x 9"? If so, your 72 ppi resolution is too low. You should print at 150 ppi or higher (I shoot for 300 ppi).
72 ppi is really meant for web viewing.
Just change your 72ppi to 300ppi (even when resizing) and things should look fine once printed.
e-mail me your files if you want....

Lucia said...

I second what shirley says. 72 ppi is for online/screen resolution. Anything will print fuzzy at that number. I also always use 300 ppi for printing, but you can get by with less. Hope that helps!

Andrea said...

Yup - You need to set the resolution at 300 or more for printing.

April said...

Monica, will you email me one and let my try playing with it on my computer?

Monica said...

Thanks guys!! I took another look last night and somehow when I was changing the dimensions of the pictures it changed the resolution to 20 ppi instead of 200!! I got it to work with 300ppi. Appreciate you guys so much for pointing me in the right direction.