Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project Life, Week Nine

has been ready to share for a very long time but this week has been a bear. I'm just waiting for it to be quitting time to call this week done.

I do want to say Hi! & Welcome to everyone who is new to the blog via Becky Higgins post. It was such a thrill to be mentioned there. Thanks for clicking the link, reading, commenting & sticking around.

OK, so here's what I like about week nine: lots of pictures, lots of memorabilia, two important stories told with words & so many more stories just cataloged. What I love about week nine is that there was no pressure to finish it.

It was living in the album, much like this week was, and I decided to add two 4x6 journaling blocks using Ali Edwards digital elements (here and here) & a few labels on some of the pictures. Then, I walked away & called it done. I didn't even adhere my instax picture! And that my friends, is taking a walk on the wild side for me; yes, I'm that risk adverse.




I printed current pictures last weekend, picked them up this week & have my sights set on project life this weekend. I (hope) look forward to having more to share next week.

As usual, you can see more detailed shots on the link under the blog banner. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Good for you - on all counts! The mention on Becky Higgins blog is huge. Congratulations. And I love how you are staying "caught up."