Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ahead of Schedule

If it is socially acceptable to recognize Christmas in July then I vote it's A-OK to share Halloween in May.

Last week I had my machine out to work on some quilt blocks for a friend & decided to finish the quilt that has been haunting me since October. OK that was a really bad play on words; send your sympathy to my husband who gets it all the time. I think I'm pretty funny at home.


This was my first go at machine binding using this Pat Sloan tutorial & I'm pretty pleased. My only complaint is that it takes alot of thread. Also, on my machine I wasn't able to adjust the stitch length for this stitch & I would have liked it to be a little longer.

IMG_1743 PSE

The quilt was inspired by this one on Flickr & I added my own little twist. I pieced together the binding from my scraps & I think it turned out OK. I'm not crazy about the backing fabric included in the binding. It disappears a little too much for me.

IMG_1749 PSE

I love that this quilt was started with the intent to finish for Hallween 2010 and is now only completed in May. I did have the piece topped that week & the quilting partially finished but I lost motivation to finish it once Halloween passed.

Several sweet friends have pointed out that I'm ahead of schedule now & I'll take it! This will be the last quilty thing I have to share for awhile because I have challenged myself to be "real time" with Project Life at the halfway mark, June 26th. And, I will be working to meet my deadline of June 3rd for my first ever Big Picture Classes Self Paced Project, which is exciting & scary all at the same time.

Have a great, Tuesday! Is it really only Tuesday?


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TracyBzz said...

That's right - you're ahead of schedule!
Ohh, a class at BPC, I'm intrigued! Good for you :)