Monday, September 20, 2010

In This Moment

  • I have a baby sleeping on my chest & a laptop balanced on my knees.

  • The laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, finances, bedmaking, and vaccuming are calling.

  • We are in the swing of soccer with practice on Monday & games on Saturday.

{my parents entertaining O during G's soccer game}

  • I am in countdown mode. One week from today my boys start their daytime care. Gymastics after school for Garrett & a sitter for Owen. Two weeks from today I go back to work downtown.

  • I am uber excited that Chuck's season premiere is on tonight.

{G's first soccer game}

  • I am basking in the completion of my maternity leave project, Garrett's quilt, & can't wait to photograph it tonight when Mitch gets home.

  • We are recovering from last week's family visit & a full weekend. Lots of fun was had but I'm hoping for a calmer week for my family this week.

{G & his cousin N goofing around}

  • I am itching to create a photo album scrapbook of Owen's first month of life for his bedroom. It makes my heart happy that I'm ready to start telling our stories again.

{Baby O at G's second soccer game}

  • I'm moving through the stages of grief that I'm going back to work. I've finally settled into acceptance.

  • I am hoping to find some time in the craft room today to finish the blocks for Owen's red, white & black playmat.

{Baby O & his Aunt}

  • We are a family on the verge of change. I'm doing my best to jump into this change so as to not be swept up in it. Wish me luck :)

1 comment:

Barb said...

Cute cute CUTE pictures. O is adorable, and G looks so confident in that soccer picture. :)
Good luck with the back-to-work transition. I can't imagine how hard it would be to have to return to work so soon. Mat leave was 6 months when T was a baby... and then when J was born, I got 12 months off. And even then, it was hard.
(((hugs))) xo Barb