Sunday, September 12, 2010

At Three Months

You have a new love, ceilings. Your favorite is the living room. You just look up and smile. You are also known to carry on animated conversations with the vent to the left of the sofa. Sometimes Daddy breaks your line of sight up with his face & you give him a look that says "Wait a minute I was busy here."

You swat at everything. All is fair game.

You raise your arms in both deliberate & crazed movements. When you raise just one arm I can't resist saying "power to the people".

Whenever we are asked how old you are people are shocked you are only 3 months. At our impromptu check up at 3 months you weighed in at 16 lbs and you easily fill out your 3-6 months clothes.

Every time I put you in the car you give the elephant that sits on top of your mirror the biggest smile. Its as if you say "Hello old friend!"

You love to hold your hands together. Daddy says you are plotting away.

When you are upset you don't start with tears or screams. Instead the corners of your little mouth turn down and your lips start to quiver. This one swift move has me running faster than lightening.

The countdown for me to return to work has begun & I'm struggling with the thought of leaving you.

You nap in your crib and most days do a pretty good of getting yourself to sleep. At night you are still in your pack and play in our room and usually sleep for 5 hours the first part of the night but then like to wake up every two after that. Lately you've teased me with longer stretches but nothing reliable yet.

We keep introducing more & more tummy time. You've gotten so good at holding your head up high. But you are quick to get angry when you try to move & don't go anywhere.

Our days are quieter with brother in Kindergarten. When he gets home you can't keep your eyes off of him. You are known to flash a bright smile when you are checking him out.

You guys continue to bond in a slow & steady fashion. Now that you are focusing on objects you've begun to realize one perk of an older brother is always having someone happy to read to you.

You have completely won over my heart. You have the sweetest disposition & continue to be a laid back easy going guy. You favorite sound is mmmmmm and frequently we hear you say mmmaaammmaaa.




O is well into his 3rd month of life & this post has been in draft for weeks. Hopefully his four month post won't be so late behind his birthday!!

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Melanie said...

I think he looks like Daddy:) I love those chubby legs.