Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adventures in Kindergarten

The beginning....

A little over a week ago I sent my little guy off to Kindergarten. He was so excited for the day to come and we were so proud of his adventurous spirit. I was a bundle of nerves!!

He came home from the first day full of positive energy. To celebrate I filled his room with two dozen balloons in his school colors. As he ran through his balloons he called Daddy to tell him all about the first day and I was able to jot down a few snippets.

I went to music class but I didn’t learn any music. Not one bit.

I just got one warning. We were in Zone Zero and someone made me talk. They talked &I didn’t know what to do so I talked back.

She was right Kindergarten is the best!

If we got all of the marbles into the last cup we could have got a bear or watch a video.

At center time I wanted to climb up the ladder & read books but it was already full. But another day I’ll get another chance.

If you get 5 star points you can get a treat from the treasure box. But nobody gotted there. Not even one single person.

If you get to blue & you get more warnings then you have to talk to the principal and then you are in bad luck.

1. Happy Breakfast, 2. The First Walk, 3. ABC, 4. Straight to Work, 5. Signing In, 6. Celebration Balloons, 7. Pick Up, 8. The Backpack, 9. Calling Daddy, 10. Mama & Garrett, 11. Lunch Box Love Notes, 12. Setting Out Clothes, 13. Daddy and Garrett, 14. Rainy Day Walk, 15. Meet the Teacher, 16. In the Classroom

(click on the links to see the full pictures at Flickr)

He's come home everyday loving Kindergarten and its made my heart soar. Yesterday he accumulated his fifth star point & was over the moon that he got to pick something from the treasure box.

Last night at Back to School night we heard from his teacher that he's doing great. It put a huge smile on our face that she sees him as a happy kid. He's working on his talking & moving but despite those distractions he is still getting all his work done.

This new chapter of our life is keeping us busy with activities at the school and in the community. Since I'm still on maternity leave I've been able to walk him to school every morning and pick him up everyday when the bell rings. I'm so grateful for these small moments.


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Anonymous said...

Great moments captured!! Before you blink it will be Owen's turn!!!