Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mr. Smiley

This week he's turned on the charm.

One of his favorite spots is on his boppy staring at me. If you're wondering, you better believe I love it :)

Do you see that dimple on the left cheek? It's one of the first things I noticed about him when he was placed in my arms. He doesn't flash that sweet thing for just anybody.

When the cooing starts the tongue comes out. Cracks me up.

Then the arms start getting in on the action. See that dimple again?

A little bit of dancing.

Then we fade to the sly smirk.

And before I know it Mr. Serious is back.

I sure do love this little guy.



Linda Barber said...

Don't you love it when babies start smiling all the time? Aww. Makes me miss having a baby. But not that much! ;) Love the photos. Thanks for sharing them. Now, if I could only get a sniff of that lovely head...

Missy said...

I still love his hair ;)