Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Because I Want to Remember the Letter

The principal says "We had to add another teacher to Kindergarten so the teachers are still working on their letters. They will go out on Monday and should arrive on Tuesday." Excitement knowing we are only days away from learning the name of your first primary school teacher.


Still cooling off from our morning zoo adventure an email comes through that Ben has received his letter. We race out to the mailbox to see if yours has arrived. Our mail is usually late and today is no different. We keep a watchful eye all afternoon.

Its 5:30. I check the mail alone. You are being a veterinarian and tell me you cannot leave your patients. Flipping through the magazines and junk I see a letter addresssed to you. Restraining myself from opening it I walk inside & wave it like a prize.

You attempt to carefully open the envelope but quickly move to ripping it open.

Seeing the anticipation in your curious, hopeful, apprehensive eyes I take time to read you every word with care and do not let my eyes skim to the signature line. My eyes are wet with tears & my voice is quivering when we get to the end.

You ask for it to be read again and I do, several times over.

I'm overwhelmed that we've just been introduced to the woman who will be the first of your many teachers in both the formal classroom and in life. I flashback to my mother talking about her students as if they were her own. At times as a child I was jealous of this. Now as a parent, I am grateful as I'm sure many more before me have been.

All afternoon while at work Daddy receives in good humor my updates on the lack of mail. Excited to finally know your teacher we agree now my task is to discover who some of your classmates may be.

Full of excitement notes are sent to Kathy & your soccer team, where you met several boys that will be in your grade, to see who their teachers will be.

Responses coming back quickly, updates to you as your worked in the backyard, updates to Daddy fill my time until dinner. Everything is so magical about Kindergarten.



lgrande said...

A sweet post, and with my first going off to kindergarten too, I know just what you mean. When we finally got our packet, I was jumping around and my son thought I was nutty. Such a tearful and exciting time for us moms. :)

Hillary said...

So sweet - and can I tell you that the anticipation and excitement and joy is still here with my oldest going onto 4th grade. We got our letter yesterday =)


LisaTaz said...

So sweet. Good luck to Garrett in his first year of Kindergarten. Our school posts the class lists on the door of the school a couple hours before Open House, so you can see the whole class list right there. This year they're going to post them online, too. The excitement of a letter sounds fun, tho.