Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Months

has passed since you joined our family & I find it hard to believe it's only been that long. My heart only knows our life with you in it & the time before your arrival is a distant memory.

Everyday we continue to get to know one another.

While you've begun to smile you reserve your smiles for four things: a kiss with the sound mwah, a tap of the nose with the sound pap, a blublublu sound made by Daddy playing with your lips with his finger & a very animated hello from Mama.

Depending on how tickled you are by these things we either get your sly little smirk or the grin that shows me your dimples. I can't wait to catch your dimples on camera.

I do believe you are a talker. You may not have words yet but you are exploring your range of inflection & mood. I have so much fun mimicking your sounds and watching your face turn to amazement while you process our interaction.

When you get tired the rims of your eyes turn a redish pink. I love that because I'm your Mama and spend my days observing your patterns, watching your face, I know this.

Your favorite item right now is the bear mobile that is on both your swing & pack n' play. I catch you gazing at them often & love to hear you talk to them. You also study the owl print with your birth details over the changing table. I wonder if you will be an animal lover like your brother.

You think you are such a big boy. If you are being held you prefer to sit up & look around at the world. If I stand you on my legs you work so hard to straighten your legs to stand tall. Those who hold you typically comment within minutes as to how strong you are. I like to say it's because I make you exercise.

With a big brother to follow around town you spend a good amount of time in your car seat. You are a great little traveler.

You are also my companion on many of my morning walks. We head out between 5 & 6 AM when it's nice and cool out. You really enjoy the mornings where it's light enough for you to see the world but not so bright that I put the canopy over you.

You've spent your second month of life watching brother at swim lessons, going to the movies, taking your first dip in the pool, going to the circus & loging lots of hours snuggling in Mama's arms.

Your hair still sticks straight out, you are still an animated eater & you still have the sweetest disposition.

You have a new pediatrician & today was your 2 month checkup. You've grown to 14 lbs and 24 1/4 inches. Your doctor says in the 90th percentile you are a healthy boy. People are usually surprised you're only two months & you've been told you look like a little linebacker.

I like to call you my little bruiser since you are already wearing some of your 3-6 months clothes.

I was so worried that you & your brother wouldn't be close since there are 5 1/2 years between you. For now, my worries are not justified. His voice is one you recognize. When he is in orbit around you, you are fixated on watching him.

My heart rejoices when I see Garrett run over to sneak some love on you. I frequently find him hugging on you and sweetly patting your head. He's quick to run to you when you are upset & tells you "I'm here, you are not alone."

When I hear this I know the years that separate you two will not matter because the bond of brothers is stronger than the constraints of time.

I've already begun to see sneaks of your big brother being your protector.

Earlier this week I was trying to get you to nap in your crib. I told your brother that you weren't too happy about sleeping in your crib. He asked if this was because you wanted to sleep in Mama's arms. I told him yes which he quickly touted back with "Well, why don't you let him?"

Oh sweet boy, know that you so loved by your big brother.

After church while you guys were spiffy & awake I was able to snap this picture. I love that you take after your Daddy and carry a strong resemblence to your brother. I cherish my house of boys.

Your Daddy says that it's easy to see how much you love me.

Oh sweet boy the love I have for you overwhelms me. There are several times each week that I look into your big brown eyes & give thanks to the Lord that you are here, in my arms.

You are my little miracle & my heart is full.




Jenny Garland said...

I'm misty eyed. What a beautiful post and what gorgeous, sweet sons you have!

The Bethancourts said...

Owen is a DOLL! soooo precious :) what a sweet little family you have!