Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Carving

Didn't start out so great. See the evidence below. Mitch suggested a goofy pumkin face but Garrett had his heart set on a much more difficult monster. Just as Mitch was making the first cut for the monster Garrett decided to change his mind and wanted to go with the goofy face. Here is the it's about to all go downhill face.

A good bit of time & tears were spent in time out when Garrett wouldn't accept that it was too late to change his mind on the carving. Luckily there was a shift in attitude and we had the joyful face again.

While Mitch worked on the monster, Garrett was hard at work on his triangle at the back of the pumpkin.

With the guys focused on the pumpkin I decided to play with the remote. This is seriously the best $20 ever spent on a gift for me. I don't care that I'm not exactly in focus or that I'm just in the background because there will be evidence that I existed!

You would think that with the remote you would get only posed shots but here is proof that it can be spontaneous. Mitch is teasing me that I think I'm so funny playing with the remote while they are hard at work on the task of carving & the remote captured our interaction. Really, really love this picture.

And here is the result of all their hard work. They did such a great job!

I've got more Halloween pictures coming so stay tuned!



Jayne said...

Great pumpkin! It is so good to see you in the photos too!

Jennifer said...

Super cute ... I used that template on my monster too. :) (Except I managed to lose a tooth and a right finger in the carving process!!)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with the pumpkin carving.

Holly said...

Great carving skills :)

Quick question about the remote (sorry if this was addressed in another post and I missed it)...
Can you purchase a remote to work with ANY p&s camera or does it have to be a feature for that particular camera? I would LOVE to have a remote for mine.


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Wow, love the shots you took with the remote. I've got to get mine back out. I never thought of taking candids with it.