Monday, November 2, 2009

The First Round

of Trick or Treating. I had planned on combining all trick or treating pictures but the truth is that I just take too many pictures so I'm having to split the post in two as a precautionary measure against your boredom of seeing pictures of my little guy.

His first stop in the loot gathering was my work on Friday afternoon. I'm not sure if he was more excited that I was picking him up early or that the candy festivities were about to begin.

Here is the face I get when I ask him to be scared. All those Scooby Doo movies have led to a comical scared face!

What I love is that not only is there candy but also crafts! Which, my little guy gets just as excited about.

This year we made a stop in my office. The view and the white board were a huge hit.

What better way to end a party than with a cupcake? I was actually pretty impressed he managed to stay clean!

Coming up next...our annual costume picture shoot & Halloween!! Hope I haven't lost you guys yet!



Christi said...

I love the little pumpkin craft. His turned out great!! :-)

Lee said...

Oh how I miss the Buzz years! What a cutie. I love being bored by your photos of G :)