Sunday, October 18, 2009

How Did You Like

my disappearing act?

All of a sudden I looked up and its been over a week since I've posted to the blog. I have no excuse except I've been fighting a stomach bug, loving on my family & taking some much needed rest.

Last weekend Garrett & I ventured to a Craft Faire in the Bishops Art District & had a blast exploring. I think though, my favorite part of the day was seeing the smile that my son was putting on the faces of everyone around us.

A local group, was taking pictures for $5 & that is the best money I've spent to have a picture of me & my guy. These pictures were taken by Ange Fitzgerald.

I think he was feeding off the creative energy around him and his new superhero capes.

This weekend we were able to visit with some good friends from our Kentucky days that now live in Dallas & I was in love with both their son & the lighting in their house.

I've got a fun project that I'm working on with Ella right now but won't be able to share just yet. I'll try to slip in a non-related layout or two in this week to make up for last weeks abscence. For now, hope you enjoyed the pictures.

ETA: Just realized G wore the same outfit two weekends in a row! Yes, I need to take him shopping for a Fall wardrobe.



Barb said...

Oh wow, what amazing photos you've posted today! I love those superhero pics the best. G is a real cutie. :)

Kyla said...

You're little superhero is a cutie! You've got some great shots here! Fun, fun, fun!

shooting from the hip said...

great superhero photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh my your little guy is cute! I love the superhero on the street pics.

The Grounds Family said...

Great shots Monica!! I know what you mean about falling in love with lighting in someone's home! I work as a pediatric OT and we provide our under 3 kids services at home and I have this one client that the lighting is wonderful and the client is a cutie patootie! Unfortunately I can not mix my photog with OT.

Anonymous said...

Trevor says "I love his cape."