Monday, October 26, 2009

A Fall Favorite

of mine is the annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We've been back in Texas almost 4 years now and I am still searching for the perfect patch. This year we made our way to Grapevine & shared the annual tradition with one of my scrapping friends and her kiddos.

I tried to pose Garrett to get a controlled shot but it just isn't our style. The minute I saw his frozen little smile in the viewfinder I told him he could go and go he did.

Then I asked him to go look at the scarecrows and shamelessly yelled out his funny word "Chiuaua" to get this smile.

The great thing about hanging out with a fellow scrapper is that you actually get in a picture!

He loved driving the tractor.

But loved the Corn Maze even more. Everytime the boys hit a dead end they would hit their head and say "Dead Way!"

I think my favorite was just watching the energy of two little boys.

This is my favorite shot because it is just so my child.

Hope you are enjoying Fall as much as we are!



Lee said...

LOVE that last photo. It's priceless. I also love the energy of boys. In small doses :) Great day!

ScrappingMomof3 said...

Gosh, can you believe, Fall already? I can't get over your GREEN corn maze? did you see the layout I did of our trip to NJ to the corn maze and it was all tan/yellow? Ugh, and it's the same way when we go here in FL too . . . LOVE that you went with a scrapper and could get in a photo with your little guy!

Jayne said...

Fun! Love the pimpkin patch - thanks for sharing your trip :)

Anonymous said...

nice job.
Of all the shots I took in the maze I couldn't get both boys reacting at the same time. We gotta share. I have a few more with you in them.