Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness (Part Two)

What a difference a year makes. Every year our neighborhood has a parade on the 4th where the kids get to bike, walk or be pulled in a wagon around the block behind a fire truck. Afterwards, there are bouncy houses, a water slide and lots of yummy snacks.

Last year Garrett wanted to fly a kite instead of parading and we let him. This year he was so excited to go & ride his bike. Its interesting to watch him. Once we got there I could tell he was a bit overwhelmed and needed a bit to just take it all in.

Or wait, was that me projecting on him? I was a little nervous about my new bike rider joining the ranks of the experienced. Looks like he might have been too.

But he did great! He was in the pack and we only had a few minor collisions! I will say its much harder to photograph a child on a bike than a child in a wagon!!

Afterwards, he ran straight for the bounce houses & water slide where he met up with his neighborhood friend. Garrett was so excited to see him there.

We continued our festivities at our good neighbor's with a cookout & some swimming. Garrett took a break from instructing us in swim lessons to float in the chair. I'm so happy to see him comfortable in the water.

Patton also figured out he is comfortable in the water but only if he is on the float. Do they make floaties for dogs?

Someone we never worry about in the water is Dexter who loves to retrieve the ball even in a pool. Bless our neighbors for also being dog lovers and letting our guys swim with the family.

The holiday weekend ended for us with a sermon at Church about the Freedom given to us in the Bible. Most importantly, the freedom to love. I love this country that we live in even when I disagree with our leaders because the true life blood of this country are not the men & women who hold office but the people who have given so much of their life to protect our country.

Without the legacy of service we would not be free to live our lives, enjoy a multitude of liberties and pursue our each individual version of happiness. We are so blessed to have men & women who love our country enough to protect it and us every day. To them and their spouses and children, I say Thank You.


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